Hi, I'm Mike.

Hi, I'm Mike.

I’m good with data, design and growth marketing. I’ve spent the past few years growing startups in Amsterdam.

I specialise in growth, but my skills are all over the place. I’ve done digital marketing, growth strategy, product design and some frontend development.

Currently I’m working on Podium, Minimum and for freelance clients.
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Email and CRM marketing is an essential part to growing any business, so in my past roles I have always been involved in setting up transactional and behavioural email campaigns, figuring out how to measure results and set up the right tool stack.

I learned the most about email marketing at Ace & Tate, where I learned how to combine branding and campaign efforts with testing email strategies that perform well in terms of online growth.

This is what I’ve spent most of my waking hours on in the past few years: running experiments to grow startups. In that time, I’ve spent a lot of times setting up marketing campaigns, setting up landing pages, analytics, figuring out how to optimise user flows and everything else that comes with it.

I’ve done this in-house at Ace & Tate, after which I did it for a broad range of different companies at We are Off the Record.

During my time at We are Off the Record I noticed one common thing at every startup: their analytics setup was broken somehow. Naturally I spent a lot of time fixing this, diving into Segment, Data warehousing, Mixpanel, Amplitude and how to set up tracking in digital products.

This taught me a lot about how to get a data driven mindset into an organisation, as well as the technical part of implementing analytics tools with developers.

At Ace & Tate I was responsible for managing online campaigns for the European market. By focussing on the right metrics and testing continuously, we managed to improve performance constantly while expanding to new countries and increasing total spend.

Over the years, I have built up a similar understanding of SEM, SEO and offline channels with my work at We are Off the Record.

Out of curiosity, over the years I’ve become quite familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and React development.

Currently I’m doing all front-end dev work for Podium and Minimum.

Most of my work at We are Off the Record was helping startups with their growth strategy.

I plugged into growth teams, helping them with:
- Modelling growth for their business, finding out what metrics drive growth.
- Laying out the strategy, OKRs and team setup.
- Helping teams keep a sharp focus on the right metrics and work efficiently.

I did this for a broad range of businesses, ranging from B2B at InvoiceFinance to marketplaces like Charly Cares.

I don’t believe in ‘growth hacks’. I've had a lot more success with a more strategic approach like Brian Balfour’s and Andrew Chen’s.

Although I've never had any formal design training, during my previous roles I was always designing landing pages, onboarding flows and experiments.

Currently, I'm learning a lot by doing all product and UX design for my own project Podium, building MVPs with Minimum and smaller projects like this website.

When I worked at Ace & Tate, I set up a CRO team and ran experiments on the Ecommerce website. I worked on interviewing end users, experiment design and a bit of frontend development.

During my time at We are Off the Record I helped teams experiment with marketplaces, SaaS apps and Ecommerce, focusing on how to improve their process and get results with the right testing culture.

On my own, I can lay out a strategy, design experiments, implement tests and analyse the results.

Don't take my word for it.

Within a very short time Mike mastered the details of our business. With his growth skills and previous experience he added a lot of value to our in-house team.
Charlotte, Founder at Charly Cares
Mike joined our team in the early-stage of our new SaaS business. It was great working with Mike; learning together on new software hacks, scale up the initial marketing efforts, and see the concept get international traction. From 50 clients in Europe to 600+ clients world-wide in 8 months time: we couldn't have grown this fast without Mike's help.
Perry, Founder at Recruitee
Mike is broadly oriented (technical skills, data minded & excellent communicator) and knows what to keep the focus on. Besides this it was a pleasure working with him. Don’t miss a chance to work with this guy.
Patrick, Growth Hacker at InvoiceFinance